Celebrate Good Wax, Come On!

, January 23, 2021

*Please Note Date & Location Change


Quarry Road Trails
300 Quarry Road
Waterville, ME 04901

Health Screening


  • Citizen Age Racers: 10am Start Time
    Arrive anytime - Leave by 11:30am

  • Middle School Racers: 10:45am Start Time
    Don't arrive until
    9:30am - Leave by 11:45am

  • High School Racers: 1:30pm Start Time
    Don't arrive until 11:50am - Leave anytime

Race Details

  • Individual 30 second interval start format

  • 4km distance for Middle School; 6km for High School; 8km for Citizen

  • This is a classic technique race. Marshalls will be on course monitoring for classic violations. We will try to have course set with best line track.

Kick Waxing Service

Worried that you don't know how to kick wax your skis? You coach isn't available to help? Never fear, Nonstop Nordic is here!

There will be several "klister experts" available to wax classic skis for the skiers in this Saturday's race.

For $8, we will klister your skis with the wax of the day. If this is a service you would like, please:

1) complete and submit this form

2) Go to PayPal and pay $8 to nonstopnordic@gmail.com

3)Make sure the kick zones of your classic skis are CLEAN. This means that the kick zone and sidewalls have no pervious kick wax on them. (Use wax remover and putty knife scraper and a rag to remove old wax).

4)Mark your kick zones. We can guess, but if your kick zones are clearly marked, that gives you a better chance of getting a wax job that gives you both skis that kick well and glide well.

MASKS REQUIRED: Everyone on the Quarry Road premises must wear a mask at all times. This includes the entirety of the race. We suggest a plastic frame insert to give space between your mouth and your mask. If a racer loses their mask while racing, we will have extra masks available to quickly stop and pick one up as they lap- extra masks will be available at the lap/finish sign.

PARKING & SPECTATORS: There are no spectators allowed because of the Governor’s state gathering limits. Parents who are dropping off their skiers can drop off and then park in the larger lot south of the yurt, and please stay in your cars. Thank you for your cooperation so that we can continue to offer events.

BIB PICK UP & RETURN: Each racer will need to go to the registration window at the yurt and confirm that they do not have any Covid-19 symptoms. They will then receive their race bib. After you finish, please deposit bib into the bucket before you leave the finish corral.

PRE-ORDER T-SHIRTS & STICKERS FOR SALE T-shirts are $20, you can pre-order one here. Stickers are $1 and are available at the registration yurt.

VIDEO STREAM: You can let your friends, parents, and grandparents know that they can watch the race from home (or your car)! We will be live-streaming the Finish (and possibly one other spot) to our Nonstop Nordic Facebook & Instagram pages.

GLIDE WAX POLICY: Only the waxes on this list are acceptable for all Nonstop Nordic Race Series races. Approved Waxes List

RACE COURSE INFORMATION: WE WILL USE THE TERMS "BIG LOOP" and “SMALL LOOP” to explain the race courses this week. The BIG LOOP, is the entirety of the current snowmaking loop (2.5k). The SMALL LOOP is the cutoff after the stadium and only doing hero’s hill in the woods then through the stadium to the snowmaking building and back to stadium (1.5k).




We will use an open course policy. You may warm up and cool down on the course, ONLY IN THE DIRECTION OF TRAVEL. Please give way and space to all racers. There will be course marshalls watching for classic technique violations.